My Adventures

My climbing has taken me to lots of places worldwide. I love going to new places, every one a new adventure!

Despite my lack of sight and thanks to all my climbing buddies, I’m quite well travelled – check out the interactive map below, it shows all of the places I have been climbing!! My most adventurous trip to date was an Arctic Expedition to Greenland – check out the expedition report here: Expedition Report.

Over the past year I’ve been sport climbing in Waterval Boven (South Africa), which was fantastic! I on-sighted many routes and came very close to leading my first 7a. I will go back! Molly and I went to Costa Blanca over Christmas and stayed in the Orange House. The weather was amazing, we climbed everyday for the week we were there.

My latest trip was to Hemsedal in Norway, it was great to get back on the ice!

I aim to continue visiting new places and hope to return to the Arctic / Antarctic. My dream is to go to Baffin Island in Canada! A trip to Utah to do some of the splitters would be incredible too!

Please do let me know of any climbing destinations you highly recommend!

A picture of Jesse dangling in midair from the top of a very overhanging climbing route. The background shows the sea and a clear blue sky.
Jesse descending a very steep route in Malta.


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