My Adventures

My climbing has taken me to lots of places worldwide. I love going to new places, every one a new adventure!

Despite my lack of sight and thanks to all my climbing buddies, I’m quite well travelled – check out the interactive map below, it shows all of the places I have been climbing!! My most adventurous trip to date was an Arctic Expedition to Greenland – check out the expedition report here: Expedition Report.

Sport climbing in Waterval Boven (South Africa) was my latest trip over the summer period, it was fantastic! I on-sighted many routes and came very close to leading my first 7a. I will go back!

My next planned trip is back to Rjykan/Hemsedal in Norway to hopefully find some ice to climb!

I aim to continue visiting new places and hope to return to the Arctic / Antarctic. My dream is to go to Baffin Island in Canada! A trip to Utah to do some of the splitters would be incredible too!

Please do let me know of any climbing destinations you highly recommend!

Jesse descending a very steep route in Malta
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