Joining the Boreal Team

So I don’t usually get too excited about anything, but for this I’ll make an exception! My exciting news is…I am now part of Team Boreal! The first paraclimber to join the team, my year keeps on getting better and better! I’m super psyched to join these guys.

Boreal shoes have arrived
Super excited to get my hands on some Boreal shoes.

They’re a super strong team and it’s an honour to be part of it. I never imagined that I’d be on a team with such a group of climbing legends. A massive thanks to Boreal for welcoming me.

A few months back I tried several Boreal climbing shoes and was really impressed by their range and in particular the Synergys. Finding well-fitting climbing shoes is no easy task and I’ve been through a lot of different manufacturers and models over the years. My friends think I’m super picky with shoes! The Synergys are one of Boreal’s performance shoes and are designed for optimum feel. These are the only shoes I’ve worn where I can actually feel the holds with my feet. They’re amazing. As I’m blind, I need to rely much more on feel, I found the Synergys are perfect for this.

Completing the pink circuit in my new shoes.

The first time I tried these shoes, I was amazed by how much more I could feel through them. I was able to adjust my foot placements to optimise the position and purchase on the holds. The cumulative effect of the small improvements in each foot placement throughout a route becomes really quite significant. My first session climbing in them, I finally ticked the project I’d be working on for several weeks.

Boreal Synergy
My new Boreal Synergy shoes feel great!

I’m off to Leonidio in Greece next week and I’m looking forward to testing them out on real rock. I can’t wait to start smashing routes out in these..

Team hoody
Me in my Boreal Team hoody.


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