Kendal Mountain Festival

I’m massively looking forward to the Kendal Mountain Festival this year, I’ve never been before and it’s promising to be a great weekend! There’s a Special Film Screening of Climbing Blind on Saturday 16 November 2019 at 16:30 – 18:00 @ The Brewery Arts Centre Theatre. Alastair Lee and I will be up on stage for a special Q&A after the screening, I’m intrigued to see what questions get fired our way! Don’t be shy!

Tickets are available here

The kendal mountain festival logo, an outline of a mountain in dark blue at the top with the text, kendal mountain festival also in blue.

Molly and I will be there all weekend soaking up the atmosphere and attending other talks and screenings. If you see us, come and say hello!

A picture of the Old Man of Hoy taken from the headland looking out to sea. The sea stack is 137 meters tall and is standing proud right in the middle of the picture. Waves are crashing around its base and it is a beautiful blue sky day.
The Old Man of Hoy [Photo: Alastair Lee, Posing Productions]

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